B2B brands and SaaS still waiting for localization ROI:

Let’s fix your conversions and customer experience in Spanish

while others are simply “translating” waiting for better results

When only 3 of the top 25 language service providers in 2019 take some kind of conversion-driven approach to localization… It’s just normal you don’t get a better ROI from your translation efforts.

The thing is, a lot of companies like yours are investing too much translating marketing messages that don’t work globally.

At least, not enough to hit those big return numbers.

But even when your positioning works…

Localization vendors don’t go deep enough to nail your global customers’ voice or stand you out from your competitors…

Not deep enough to understand your customer’s journey and say, “look, this translation won’t resonate, but we can adapt this other piece to give people what they’re looking for here.”

Not to say writing customized emails to fix churn, using global customers’ feedback in your copy or run successful localized campaigns…

So again, it’s just normal you don’t get a better ROI.

Let’s fix it.

I want to help you work with your vendor and fix what’s broken, so you can…

  • Stop guessing and safely invest in a data-driven Spanish message that works — which means scaling fast, saving costs and getting results.
  • Keep an eye on what’s really going on with your target market to craft the right message every time, activate users or fix churn.
  • Create amazing on-brand experiences to stand out even from big players in your industry.
  • Make your vendor produce conversion-ready copy over time.
  • Strategically move people forward at each stage of your funnel in Spanish — instead of translating just… everything

Why me? After 13 years of freelancing, I see where most localization vendors fall short — and why it’s just “normal” that companies don’t hit the ROI numbers they were expecting.

I’m Sergio, a marketing translator and copywriter. I’ve been helping many big IT, software and travel brands sell with words in Spanish.

Sergio has been taking part of our Marketing team for the past 5 years with excellent results. Good communication, professional and always on time.

Xavier M., iDISC Information Technologies, SL

We worked with Sergio on several video game localization projects. Not only he provides good quality work but he always delivers on time.

Blanca L., F&B Written Art, SL

Contact me here for your free initial audit — just the first step to get inside your customer’s mind and see those ROI numbers go up.