SaaS Localization Made Scalable

I make your marketing texts perform in Spanish

… without the usual guesswork from translation agencies and linguists.

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Because guesswork doesn’t scale

Don’t get stuck with the same ol’ fluffy linguist approach — or “culturally-appropriate” words that don’t resonate or sell a thing.

When you could…

Build instant rapport using your customers’ actual words.

Nail your message to stand out as the clear choice among your local competitors.

Move your customer through your sales cycle with a localized content strategy that makes sense (instead of translating just… everything).

That’s the scalable approach

You take what you already have in English, cut out the fat that won’t resonate… and make it perform in Spanish with the right approach: translation, transcreation, copywriting, repurposing…

… all based on actual data.

So you can grow from solid ground and get faster to your goals.

Once you know your copy works, you can double down and invest in it to scale fast

“But I already have a localization team”

That’s perfect. They’re crucial to make your product and content resonate culturally.

But when it comes to marketing copy, they hardly get into your customer’s head to trigger response or double your opt-ins.

Once you plug me into your localization workflow or TMS, it’s easy for me to handle different file formats, leverage translation memories and write conversion copy — I’ve worked in localization for 15 years.

Not sure? Check if these are true:

Are you really enabling growth in other languages?


Your ads clearly show that you’re different from your local competitors.

Your headline steals all the attention — even if your ad doesn’t rank first.

They pierce through real pains or needs your local customer has (no guessing).

Landing pages

You meet your customer just where they are (local customers might have different objections, buying habits or product-awareness).

Your message keeps your ad’s “scent” and meets expectations… so leads don’t bounce right away.

Your copy reads like a slippery slope that leads to action — no awkward sentence-by-sentence translations getting in the way.

Web pages

Your positioning and voice are clear-cut and unique — you’re instantly memorable.

Your translations don’t read like boring jargon… but words your local customers really use and understand.

Translators don’t lose sight of the whole funnel to strategically move customers to the next step with effective transitions — vs just dealing with the text at hand.

Blog articles

You have a proper SEO content strategy in place — instead of optimizing every article for random local keywords.

You’re localizing *only* content that is proven to resonate and makes sense for your local customer journey.

You know what type of content gets shared and linked to by the best local authority websites.


Your emails feel so personal that customers really care to answer your surveys and being your brand’s best promoters.

You’re acting on local insights to create email campaigns that drive more sign-ups and fix local churn.

You’re sending surveys in Spanish to get feedback, testimonials… and nail your product’s “jobs to be done”.

Marketing collateral

Your voice is tight and consistent in every marketing piece — and you can codify it in a way that your team can replicate.

You’re translating only collateral that resonates with the pains and needs of your local market.

You’re able to tap on new local opportunities by writing B2B pieces for every stage of the customer journey.

So are you on the right track?

I can help you see what it takes to get some results for your brand before hiring my services.

Sergio has been taking part of our Marketing team for the past five years with excellent results. Good communication, professional and always on time.

Xavier M, iDisc Information Technologies

I won’t numb you with the usual linguistic and cultural gibberish. Let’s focus on hitting your KPIs and connecting with your customer at a deeper level.

And yes, I actually have a process for that.

1. Discovery

You get a plan to make localisation work in Spanish: positioning, marketing message, voice and content strategy.

I’ll dig into your messaging, funnels, content strategy, main competitors… and uncover how your customers talk about their pains and solutions like yours.

So we get to know what to tweak, cut out or recreate. The aim is to start as lean and profitable as possible — by leveraging most of what you already have in English.

2. Execution

You get on-brand Spanish copy that is aimed to engage and convert, not just some “creative translation”.

When deviating too much or crafting new copy, I’ll send you an outline for you to approve and make sure we’re on the same page from the start.

Then, I’ll work in your localization tool if necessary, or use my own, to deliver a first draft with ready-to-go copy.

This is when you ask for revisions that don’t deviate from the outline you approved.

3. Extra deliverables

You get strategy reports, glossaries, reference material and voice guides for your team. I want you to have all the tools to scale your SaaS with a consistent message and voice.

4. Optimization

Once your Spanish copy is driving enough traffic, we’ll look at how your leads and customers interact with your marketing assets and decide on the best plan of action.

And I write the copy to make it happen.

That way, we’ll make sure you’re on your way to hit your goals.

So let me recap for you…

Did you just happen to find a bilingual copywriter who gets localization and SaaS, cares about your brand’s voice… and focus on results? Looks like that’s a yes.